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Inter-CIS Model United Nations 2023

Inter-CIS Model United Nations 2023

The inaugural session of the Inter-CIS MUN took place on the 1st of July, at CIS Colombo. The thirteen nervous CIS Kandy delegates travelled for three hours to the gates of CIS Colombo and were greeted by members of CISC. They spoke proudly as they gave us a tour of their school; the basketball courts, the infant and junior sections, the library, then headed across the road to the senior section, where the pool was. We were then led up past the auditorium to the exam hall, to commence the conference.

The day's debate was a simulation of COP28, taking place in November 2023. Debate was chaired by three head members of the Colombo team and the president of the Kandy team, Sasindi Chandrasekara. The delegates covered aspects under environmental protection, discussing methods of maintaining global temperature and implementing the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The much awaited lunch break allowed delegates to converse and get to know their fellows in their sister schools.

This was followed by a crisis debate where delegates tackled rising climate issues in real time, beginning with the death of Xi Jinping, with a visit from Greta Thunberg afterwards. The outcome was the discovery of an organisation called The Sons of the Sun, who split the Earth in half with a giant laser, to focus on saving Earth, and, due to physics, the halves of the Earth collapsed on themselves and everyone died.

At awards, the Kandy delegates set a new record for the highest number of awards for the club at a conference. The awards were as follows:

       Haani Hilmy – Honorary Mention

       Aurelian Fernando – Best Novice Delegate

       Nethra Dayarathna – Best Novice Delegate

       Rehan Kiriella – Best Novice Delegate

The day ended with the signing of placards, exchanging of contacts and many goodbyes. The Kandy delegates departed with regret, waving back to the Colombo delegates from the bus window, beginning our journey back home. We crammed ourselves into the back rows of the AC bus, conversing, singing and sleeping after a long, tiring day.

Article by: Lihini Ranaraja