Our Delegates are currently participating in Practice Debates for COMUN XXX

Message from the Faculty Advisor of the CISK MUN Club

Is MUN helping to develop leadership skills?

In MUN Conferences and school training sessions, students incarnate representatives of different countries (delegates) in a specific forum of the United Nations Organisation: a general assembly, the Security Council, etc. They have to debate on a precise topic, giving their own solutions, but in the same time being careful to respect the foreign policy of the country they represent.

It means that they must deliver speeches and statements in a limited time, in front of an unknown audience, and be ready to improvise answers to tricky questions. This requests courage and self-confidence, as well as excellent preparatory research and acute analysis.

Now, if you think about famous (political) leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, or even Adolf Hitler, what do they have in common?  They all spoke in such a way that they captivated their audience, generating enthusiasm for the ideas that they explained. As well, they convinced their auditors that they could develop a better future for them.

Therefore, regarding this aspect of “leadership” (to master the art of public speaking, debate ideas, and find common solutions), MUN is definitively helping students.

A good speech should follow the four “Cs” rule: it has to be clear, concrete, convincing, and concise.

If you are interested to discover different aspects of international events, discussing them, and thinking out of the box, then, join our CISK MUN Club. It might also help you to join good universities around the world.

Laure Mermoud Fernando