Our Delegates are currently participating in Practice Debates for COMUN XXX

Message from the President of the CISK MUN Club

I have been chairing as President of the C.I.S.K MUN team for two years now, and in all my experience, I have had the privilege of encountering brilliant and intelligent minds who engage themselves fully in the committee meetings. Although I myself have only been a MUN participant for four years, it has provided me with the opportunity to understand world affairs in ways I hadn't known before and build steady friendships through team-building exercises. 

The MUN is the perfect setting for young minds to improve in both their critical thinking and public speaking skills, as they are given the voice to actively debate on sensitive world topics for an audience to hear. Its experience will leave you feeling more confident in your reasoning all the while being both entertaining and engaging. 

Thus, I am deeply proud to see an active engagement amongst many C.I.S.K MUNers, who've understood this message and helped us to have grown from a very small committe of less than 10 people just a few years ago to a team now of more than 30. It is of no doubt that the C.I.S.K MUN will continue to grow in its strength and skill in the future to come, and continue to prove itself in many ways as it has always done.

Sasindi Chandrasekera
President of the CISK MUN Club